Official Helmut Lotti YouTube channel

25 March 2013

Official Helmut Lotti YouTube channel

No doubt you have a lot to do and often loose your way on the worldwide web. No more: now there’s a Helmut Lotti YouTube channel as well organized as it is official.
When you look up Helmut Lotti on YouTube, you get – there now! – more than 40.000 results. Trop is too much, Helmut agrees. And that’s why he has arranged an official Helmut Lotti YouTube channel with clips that really matter.
Among the footage you will find especially video related to the new album MIJN HART & MIJN LIJF: not just concert material and television performances, but also other people’s fine things that have inspired Helmut in writing the songs. The potting soil of the album as it were. 
Apart from this you will find all sorts of playlists on the YouTube channel: What did Helmut listen to growing up? Which Elvis songs does he like best? What does he like to listen to these days? And most of all, what are the Harriers up to when they’re not touring with Helmut?
Just like the human body is constantly replacing and regenerating cells, so will the  YouTube channel keep moving continually. If you would like to keep abreast of new uploads you can subscribe to

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