Lean on me

19 July 2012

Lean on me

On Friday July 27th the Olympic flame will arrive in the stadium and the Belgium House in London will be opened. Helmut Lotti is going to sing at the opening.
It’s not the triumph that’s important but the battle. Participation is more important than winning. It’s still a beautiful and pure Olympic thought. Anyway, our athletes are going to the 27th Summer Olympic Games in London in hopes of a bronze, silver or gold piece of the pie.
Helmut is also travelling to London the end of July. Much to his regret not as an Olympic athlete but as an authority on the Belgian national anthem. At least one true Brabanconne expert should be present when prime minister Elio Di Rupo officially opens ‘our’ Belgium House on the banks of the river Thames.
Seeing that Helmut is in London anyway he will sing some rock ‘n’ roll as well to comfort the souls of our athletes, their coaches and their prominent supporters. This will happen after the official opening ceremony and together with the athletically built men of the Belgium House Band led by Patrick Riguelle. Senso Joshua from the Walloon provinces will be present as well.
The musicians will take care of the good atmosphere, courage and hope. It’s up to the brothers Borlée, the Belgian hockey team, Élodie Ouédraogo, Tia Hellebaut, Evi Van Acker, Tom Boonen, Philippe Gilbert and their companions to perform. So that afterwards we can explain compassionately to other countries that it’s the battle that is important, not the triumph...
Please note
On July 27th Eddy Merckx will also be present at the Belgium House. That’s the intention. He’s leaving two days earlier from Brussels, on bike of course. If he’s not held back by cycling mates (Belgian cyclist, Olympic heroes and world champions) he will arrive on time.
You can find more information on this project here.

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Every child that can be saved, must be saved.

Inequality between poor and rich increases, also in industrialised countries.

Education can change the world.

How many Syrian children still ought to die?

In Vlaanderen groeit 1 op de 10 kinderen op in armoede. In Walloni√ę is dat 1 kind op 4. In Brussel leven 4 kinderen op de 10 in armoede.

13 million children live in poverty in the EU, Norway and Island.

Every 20 seconds a child dies due to unsafe water.

Child mortality has fallen significantly over the last ten years.

Helmut Lotti

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